Festive events (weddings, christenings, birthdays, New Year or traditional religious holidays).
The restaurant offers 200 seats, conference hall has 80 seats.
OFF-ROAD and rafting expeditions on the river Jiu.
On request we can organize trips in the area.

Surrounding landscape is specific pension in hilly area of Oltenia,
forests, hills, spectacular.

Tourist attractions that can attract Romanian or foreign:
Tismana Monastery 30 km,Cherry Monastery 12 km,Lainici Monastery 25 km,
Polovragi Monastery 35 km, Brancusi Sculptular complex 15 km,
Romanian fortress complex in Bumbesti 10 km,
Băile Herculane from Săcelu 25 de km,
Mountain resort with ski slopes Rânca - Transalpina 35 km,
Curtisoara Village Museum 6 km.